OSRA Team & Contact Information

Leadership Team
Photo: Michelle Lewis, Director (mil2006)
Aleta Gunsul, MPA
Director, Office of Sponsored Research Administration
Email: alg2047@med.cornell.edu
Phone: (646) 962-8290
Photo: Stephen Hunt
Stephen Hunt, MPA
Associate Director, Office of Sponsored Research Administration
Email: sjh2004@med.cornell.edu
Phone: (646) 962-4042

Grants & Contracts: Felicia Sosa, Team Lead
Photo: Felicia Sosa
Felicia Sosa
Grants Manager
Email: fea2006@med.cornell.edu
Phone: (646) 962-4027
Photo: Althea Hicks
Althea Hicks, MPH
Sr. Grants & Contracts Specialist
Email: alh2030@med.cornell.edu
Phone: (646) 962-4020
Photo: Elizabeth Manning
Elizabeth Manning
Sr. Grants & Contract Specialist
Email: elm2033@med.cornell.edu
Phone: (646) 962-4025
Photo: Rahul Shrivastava
Rahul Shrivastava
Sr. Grants & Contracts Specialist
Email: ras2062@med.cornell.edu
Phone: (646) 962-4023
Photo: Concynella Graham-Wright
Concynella Graham-Wright, MPA
Grants & Contracts Specialist
Email: cog2006@med.cornell.edu
Phone: (646) 962-4022

Policy, Compliance and Reporting Team: Stephen Hunt, Team Lead
Photo: Monhammad Monsour
Mohammad A. Mansour
QA & Compliance Specialist
Email: mom2029@med.cornell.edu
Phone: (646) 962-2383
Photo: Kayisha Brewster
Kayisha Brewster
Research & Financial Administrator
Email: kab2046@med.cornell.edu
Phone: (646) 962-4030
Photo: Felicia Chaviano
Felicia Chaviano
Quality Assurance Specialist
Email: fec2005@med.cornell.edu
Phone: (646) 962-4036
Photo: Jessie Heller
Jessie Heller
Research & Financial Administrator
Email: jeh2051@med.cornell.edu
Phone:(646) 962-4033
Photo: Suzanna Lee
Suzanna Lee
Research & Financial Administrator
Email: sul2023@med.cornell.edu
Phone: (646) 962-4039

Industry Agreements & Consortia: Christopher Varacchi, Team Lead
Photo: Christopher Varacchi, JD
Christopher Varacchi, JD
Contracts Manager
Phone: (646) 962-4032
Photo: Hiu Ching 'Barbara' Lau
Hiu Ching "Barbara" Lau
Contracts Specialist
Phone: (646) 962-4028
Photo: Patricia Kennedy
Patricia Kennedy
Sr. Subaward Specialist
Email: pak3001@med.cornell.edu
Phone: (646) 962-8293
Photo: Jazmin Kirby
Jazmin Kirby, JD
Sr. Contracts Specialist
Email: Jak2055@med.cornell.edu
Phone: 646-962-4043
Photo: Kelsi Welter
Kelsi Welter
Sr. Subaward Specialist
Email: klw2004@med.cornell.edu
Phone: (646) 962-4034
Photo: Sabrina Beaver
Sabrina Beaver
Sr. Subaward Specialist
Email: sdb2007@med.cornell.edu
Phone: (646) 962-4031
Photo: Kathleen Nicita
Kathleen Nicita
Contracts & Subaward Specialist
Email: kan2018@med.cornell.edu
Phone: 646-962-4029