Research Performance Progress Reports

Individual Development Plan Requirements for RPPRs

Beginning 10/1/14, NIH RPPRs must include information on the use of Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows Docs in the accomplishments section (Section B.4 of the RPPR form).

As per NIH's guidance, actual IDPs should not be included. Instead, grantees will report on whether they use IDPs for all the graduate students and postdoctoral researchers included in Section D. list of Participants. The use of IDPs as well as the manner in which IDPs are used is expected to be determined by the awardee institution, but the RPPR will include a brief description of how and whether IDPs are used to help manage the career development of students and postdocs associated with that award. A similar response is required for all T, F, K, R25, R13, D43 and other awards or award components designed to provide training and professional development opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

WCMC has prepared two statements to be utilized in the RPPR.

If Graduate Students or Fellows listed in an RPPR are utilizing IDPs, please state the following in section B.4:

"Weill Cornell Medical College has established an IDP program for its students and postdoctoral fellows. Information and resources are provided to each student and fellow choosing to participate. Participants update their IDP annually and provide feedback to their mentors and/or program directors. Under this project, IDPs are employed as follows [insert brief description, i.e. annual meetings with PI/mentor]."

If Graduate Students or Fellows listed in an RPPR are not utilizing IDPs, please state the following in section B.4:

"Weill Cornell Medical College has an established voluntary IDP program for its students and postdoctoral fellows, however participants on this proposal are not currently using IDPs."

Please see NIH notices NOT-OD-13-093 and NOT-OD-14-113 for more information. More information on IDPs can be found here.

NIH Transition to the Research Performance Progress Report

The RPPR is now required for the majority of NIH grants. Unless specified otherwise in your Notice of Grant Award, all progress reports must be submitted via the RPPR module in the eRA Commons. Please note the deadline date for all non-SNAP progress reports will still fall 60 days before the grant cycle date. We encourage all faculty to review the RPPR submission guide and training materials available at the following links:

NIH Resources Page

As a reminder, any publications that are reported must comply with the Public Access Policy and be affiliated with your RPPR via myNCBI. Faculty are no longer able to manually enter publications in the RPPR. For more information, please contact the WCMC library at and visit their Public Access page, here:

Please contact the Office of Sponsored Research Administration at or with any questions or concerns.