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A new streamlined Advance Account Request Form is now available for download on the OSRA forms page. Advance Accounts are available for expected awards in advance of official award receipt and/or execution. This process benefits awards that are prone to processing delays, such as incoming subaward agreements and non‐federal award agreements that require negotiation. Advance Accounts will be established for an initial three month period, after which time circumstances will be evaluated to determine if the account will be extended or if expenses will be moved to the provided fund number. The new form requires signature approval from either a Departmental Administrator or Center/Institute Director; PI signature is optional.

This streamlined process is intended to reduce the administrative burden associated with Advance Account setup, but it should be noted that there are risks associated in establishing an advance account as awards may be cancelled or modified. It is important that all expenditures are allowable and allocable and that they occur within the period allowed by the sponsor. Any expenses a sponsor deems unallowable must be removed from the account. Advance Account Request Form must include an alternate fund to which costs can be moved.

Any questions or concerns may be direct to your assigned Grants Specialist or


OSRA’s Contracts Intake Consolidation Application and OSRA Updates presentations from 4/11/2016 are now available for download here.

Forms Reduction Indirect Cost Waivers  Posted 3/15/2016

The Office of Sponsored Research Administration is pleased to announce that the indirect cost waiver form is no longer required for grant applications to sponsors with a published indirect cost rate that is lower than the institution’s federally negotiated rate. Effective immediately, OSRA will only require a copy of the sponsor’s guidelines verifying their indirect cost rate policy and rate.

OSRA welcomes two new Research & Financial Administrators  Posted 2/8/2016

Suzanna Lee, Research & Financial Administrator (RFA)

Suzanna joins OSRA following her time as a Grants Program Assistant at the American Federation for Aging Research Foundation. She has several years of grants and systems experience at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She is a graduate of Hofstra University.

Jessie Heller, Research & Financial Administrator (RFA)

Jessie joins OSRA following her time as a Post Award Administrator at the University of Texas, Austin where she managed grants in the Department of Biology. She is a graduate of Binghamton University.

Grants.Gov and Assist Training   Posted 1/7/2016

Felicia Sosa, OSRA’s Manager for Grants and Contracts, and the OSRA Grants Specialists are available to meet with faculty and staff requiring training in and ASSIST application completion. Please reach out to your assigned Grants Specialist or to set up a training session.

Weill Research Gateway (WRG) Sponsored Programs Module   Posted 11/16/2015

At the November 9th RAPID meeting, Aleta Gunsul, Director of the Office of Sponsored Research Administration, announced that work is now underway on the new WRG Sponsored Program modules. The modules include proposal development (PD) and proposal tracking (PT). Implementation of proposal development and NIH system to system (S2S) grant submission tools represent first time endeavors for Weill Cornell Medicine. WRG is part of an institution wide Research Administration initiative to replace and integrate many of our Research Administration Systems. Watch for email updates and website announcements requesting participation in a series of focus groups and prototype review sessions.

OSRA RAPID Presentation   Posted 11/11/2015

OSRA's NIH Updates and OSRA Announcements presentation is now available for download here.

Enhancements to Investigator Contracts Report  Posted 3/15/2016

Effective March 4, 2016 the JCTO and OSRA are issuing an enhanced weekly Investigator Contract Status Report. In response to faculty and research staff feedback, the usability of the report has been significantly improved to create a better user experience.

Key features include:

  • A streamlined design with greater ease of readability and easy viewing on a mobile device.
  • A single communication outlining investigator’s JCTO and OSRA agreements.
  • No attachment to open

For questions contact the JCTO ( or OSRA (

E2RA is kicking off!  Posted 3/14/2016

The OETRA Office for Education and Training in Research Administration at Weill Cornell Medicine is very enthusiastic to launch the first educational program for research administrators: E2RA 2016 - Education & Excellence for Research Administrators.

The E2RA 2016 program is opened to new research administrators and seasoned ones and provides a comprehensive and in-depth presentation of essential responsibilities related to grants that fall under research administrators’ preview.

OETRA is launching two E2RA courses: E2RA Spring 2016 session and E2RA Summer 2016 session. Get registered NOW! Check out all you need to know about E2RA at E2RA is launching at Weill Cornell Medicine!


Stephen Hunt, OSRA Assistant Director for Policy, Compliance and Reporting, and Mohammad Mansour, OSRA Quality Assurance Specialist, have begun meeting with departments to share submission metrics and discuss ways to improve application turnaround times. Of primary focus is OSRA’s Grant Application Review and Submission SOP. If your department would like to schedule a collaborative metrics review and planning meeting please contact Mohammad at

Office for Education and Training in Research Administration (OETRA)   POSTED 12/7/2015

The Office for Education and Training in Research Administration (OETRA) is a new office at Weill Cornell Research that is under the direction of Adam Garriga, Chief Administrative Officer of Research. OETRA is dedicated to bring education and support to research administrators, faculty members and post doctorates in the complex environment of research administration.

Education and training are the cornerstones for professional development and excellence at work. OETRA will offer comprehensive educational programs integrating critical information, strengthening one’s knowledge and skills, providing useful tools, new analytical approaches and higher visibility to existing trainings and guides from the central offices of Weill Cornell Medicine Research. Until the OETRA website is ready, here is some valuable information.

First Educational Program

OETRA’s inaugural educational program will be launched early 2016 and will be specifically designed for research administrators from departments and central offices at Weill Cornell Medicine Research.

The program will allow research administrators to gain expertise and practical skills for grant applications, post-award obligations and grant financial management. By the end of the program, they will be skilled to perform their key tasks and responsibilities with more accuracy, efficiency and accountability.

Pre-award Guides

R01 Application Guide
F32 Application Guide

Contact Information

If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to:
Helene Brazier-Mitouart, PhD
Education Manager
Office for Education and Training in Research Administration OETRA

Petty Cash   Posted 11/9/2015

Weill Cornell Medicine’s new Petty Cash process announced by Joe Schwartz at the October 12th RAPID meeting took effect on November 1st. All Petty Cash requests on WBS accounts must be submitted to for review by OSRA. The full SOP is available on the OSRA Policy page.

Annual Compliance Checklist   Posted 11/9/2015

Introducing the new Annual Compliance Checklist for grants that do not require a formal progress report. This tool represents an interim step toward eliminating the Electronic Routing Form and further streamlines workflow for managing active grant awards. The form is available for download on the OSRA forms page.


The updated package Adobe Forms Version D is now available for download. The new form will be required for grants due on or after May 25th, 2016, including the upcoming New R01 and R21 submission deadlines on June 6th and June 16th, respectively. Full instructions including a summary of changes can be found on the NIH Application Guidance page, here. We encourage all applicants to start early and familiarize themselves with the new forms to avoid any submission delays.  

As some opportunities and special RFAs/PARs may still employ Adobe Forms C, applicants are highly encouraged to download application forms directly from the program announcement to ensure the appropriate package is used. Program announcements and funding opportunities can be found on the NIH funding page,here. Please reach out to your assigned Grants & Contracts Specialist in OSRA or to with any questions or concerns.

NHLBI Announces New Salary Cap for Mentored Career Awards in FY2016   POSTED 4/15/2016

NHLBI has released notice NOT-HL-16-309, announcing that effective immediately, the Institute will increase its salary contribution up to a maximum of $100,000 for all applicable K-series awards activities that NHLBI currently supports, including K01, K02, K08, K12, K22, K23, K25 and K99 awards. The Institute is also allowing current K awardees to submit revised budgets to include this new salary cap. Submission of a revised budget is not a guaranteed commitment of funding, but does allow an opportunity to request an adjustment. As per the notice, “Requested salaries must be consistent with the institution's policies on compensation.  The maximum funding level must be allowed by the applicant institution.  This policy applies to both new and non-competing awards that are funded in FY2016 and thereafter.”

Any WCM investigator with currently active NHLBI K-award support is encouraged to contact their Grants & Contracts Specialist in OSRA, or email, to discuss the possibility of submitting a revised budget.

New NIH Rigor and Transparency Requirements   POSTED 1/26/2016

The National Institutes of Health’s new Rigor and Transparency Requirements are now in effect and must be addressed in all grant applications and progress reports. The SF424 Application Guide and the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) Guide now contain revised instructions to meet the new requirements. A summary document addressing major changes can be found here.

The new Rigor and Transparency requirements coincide with the release of a new Grants Policy Statement and several modifications to other grant application and management processes. We urge all faculty and administrative staff to review this information carefully. Full Guide documents are available at the links below.


The NIH salary cap will increase from $183,300 to $185,100 effective January 10th, 2016. Please see the full NIH notice available here.
How does this affect my grants?
Applications: All grant applications with a start date on or after January 10th should employ this new cost cap for all personnel with a base salary over $185,100.
Awards: All awards received with a start date on or after January 10th should employ this new cost cap for all personnel with a base salary over $185,100. For awards with active periods both before and after January 10th (i.e. 11/1/15 – 10/31/2016) it is highly recommended that departments prorate salary, employing the $183,300 cap prior to January 10th and $185,100 cap after.
Any questions or concerns about this update can be directed to your assigned Grants Specialist or

New NIH Grants Policy Statement and SF424 Application Guide   POSTED 12/7/2015

Following notices released in October, NIH just released a new Grants Policy Statement and SF424 Application Guide. Each can be found on the NIH website, the Policy Statement here and the Guide here.

Please review our major highlights document, available for download here.

Important NIH Updates:   Posted 11/9/2015

  • Updated training and data tables and the launch of xTRACT (NOT-OD-16-007 and xTRACT) – effective 12/1/2015
  • Rigor and Transparency requirements (NOT-OD-16-011 and NOT-OD-16-012) – effective 1/25/2016
  • NIH Definition of a Child revised to under the age of 18 (NOT-OD-16-010) – effective 1/25/2016
  • Simplification of the Vertebrate Animals Section (NOT-OD-16-006) – effective 1/25/2016
  • Adobe Package D, PHS Assignment Request Form and other major initiatives (Phase II of NOT-OD-16-004) – effective 5/25/2016

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