Search for Funding Opportunities

Weill Cornell Medical College offers several ways to search for funding opportunities (see below).

If a faculty member has an interest in pursuing a non-federal funding opportunity that did not originate from a defined announcement (RFA, RFP, FOA), we ask that Research Development be notified to avoid potential conflicts with preexisting institutional relationships.

Completed applications are due in the Office of Sponsored Research Administrationat least 7 business days prior to the agency deadline date. Applications must be submitted in accordance with the existing requirements of Weill Cornell Medical College and the funding agency. Please consult the How to Apply for Extramural Funding section of this website for more information.

Finding Federal Grant Opportunities - All discretionary grants offered by the 26 federal grant-making agencies can be found on

The NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts is the official publication for NIH medical and behavioral research Grant Policies, Guidelines and Funding Opportunities. The NIH also offers several other ways to "Get Connected".

For questions or support please contact the Office of Sponsored Research Administration at

GrantOpps Listserv

All research funding opportunities are sent out to the WCMC community through the GrantOpps Listserv. To sign up to selectively receive these funding opportunities, update your subscription preferences for the different WCMC Broadcast lists at

Opportunities that are available to the College by invitation only, or have limited submission requirements, are also broadcasted. Please see below for information on the limited submission application process.

CTSC Calendar: Funding Opportunities

All biomedical research funding opportunities announced to WCMC faculty are posted to the Clinical and Translational Science Calendar of Events. Many of these awards are announced by the funding organization one or more times each year and have been previously applied to by WCMC investigators.

This calendar may be used in two ways:

  1. Browse the calendar month by month to view upcoming or previous funding opportunity deadlines.
  2. Search all award announcements over the past year by keyword(s). Click on the "Search" link in the upper right hand corner of the calendar to utilize this feature. Searching a Date Range of the "Past 2 years" will allow the investigator to anticipate upcoming, but not-yet-announced funding opportunities.

Research Awards Committee - Limited Submissions Programs

Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) receives invitations from federal and non-federal agencies to apply for various limited submission programs. Please click here to learn more.

WCMC Grant Database (intranet only)

The WCMC Grant Database is primarily populated with non-traditional funding opportunities from foundations, public charities and other non-federal entities. These non-traditional funding mechanisms frequently go untapped and are an excellent way to support pilot projects, bridge funding for future R01 submissions or innovative science that may be difficult for NIH to fund. These funding agencies often encourage an outside-of-the-box approach and welcome submissions from investigators without previous experience in a particular field and/or early-stage investigators (broadly defined). An effort has also been made to include opportunities that support multi-investigator and/or interdisciplinary science from all funding sources.

The interface includes a variety of search and sort features. Details about an award can be easily accessed by clicking the “Detail” link, OR you may visit the funding agency website by clicking on the “Website” link. Search results can be easily exported to a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel or to your Calendar program of choice.

This database is meant as a guide to identify non-traditional funding mechanisms. Because of the rapid turnover of grant programs, please confirm all submission dates for upcoming cycles on agency websites.

For questions or support please contact Natalie Gabay at