OSRA Listserv

OSRA List Serv's
List NameBusiness Purpose of Listserv
allfunded@med.cornell.eduCommunicates high priority updates to the research faculty at WCMC. This is solely used by OSRA and other areas of central research administration.
erf@med.cornell.edu Notification address for WCMC research community to report technical issues with the Electronic Routing Form (ERF).
grantsandcontracts@med.cornell.edu Official OSRA business address for correspondence with extramural partners in research (i.e., federal, state, non-profit, foundation and industry) who award grants and contracts to WCMC.
osra-contracts@med.cornell.edu Serves as submission and contact address for WCMC research community for the processing contracts, including incoming material transfer agreements, confidential disclosure agreements, industry sponsored non-clinical research agreements, data use agreement, and service agreements.
osra-updates@med.cornell.eduCommunicates important policy, process and other updates from OSRA to the research administration community.
rac@med.cornell.edu Serves as a submission address for internal applications from faculty in response to limited submission program announcements.
sponsor-creation@med.cornell.edu Intake address for all WCMC to submit sponsor creation requests in research administrative systems.
subawards-wcmc@med.cornell.edu Official OSRA business address for all subaward correspondence with collaborating entities, serves as a direct line of communication to OSRA’s subaward staff.
subaward-invoices@med.cornell.edu Official OSRA business address for the submission of invoices from subaward sites.